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Summer Fun

Simple Summer-Inspired Events From Local Pubs
July 9, 2013By: Alissa Ponchione

“…Maida says that hosting beer events through the summer and year—with inventory influenced by the seasons—is also a savvy way to keep guests interested…At Lottie’s Pub in Chicago, owner Mark Domitrovich has a similar philosophy to get people in his bar seats during the summer months. “With all of the baseball games, concerts, barbecues and outdoor festivals, competition is fierce in the summertime,” he says. By focusing on a popular event, Domitrovich is able to drive traffic and revenue. For example, the bar will be celebrating its annual Bucktown Garden
Walk on July 13 and 14 with a pizza party and $4 lemonade-vodka drinks.
“On any given night, there are several great options, and you want to make sure you are one of them. We host promotions to give customers an extra reason to come in as well as stay on the forefront of their minds,” he adds.”