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Turning up the heat

December 19, 2012|By Zara Husaini @zarhus | RedEye
By all accounts, Lotties in Bucktown has been through a lot. It boasts a colorful history, and by “colorful,” of course, we mean scandalous. Since 1934, Lotties has been home to gambling, stripping and the consumption of some pretty greasy bar food. But clearly all that drama wasn’t enough–Lotties will add “television set” to the list of things it has been. NBC’s “Chicago Fire” is using Lotties as a filming location Thursday and Friday. Whether or not it’s recognizable, the pub will appear as the backdrop for an upcoming episode’s emergency scene. At this point, there is no information about which episode it will be or when it will air. According to a post on Lotties’ Facebook page, the bar will be closed Thursday and Friday for filming. Bucktown residents shouldn’t panic if they see fire trucks or helicopters around the bar –Lottie’s is safe; the trucks and alarms are for the sake of the show. “They were looking for a classic-looking bar,” Lotties owner Mark Domitrovich said. “They came to talk to us.” Domitrovich said that after hearing the details, he had no reservations about agreeing to close down the bar for a few days, for which the bar will be compensated. “People appreciate the novelty,” Domitrovich said. Production teams have altered the setup of the bar for filming, and Domitrovich said it’s “funny to see.” The bar will play a significant role in the episode–it may even make recurring appearances in episodes to come. “It’s a bar that catches on fire in the show and the firemen try to buy the bar after that,” Domitrovich said. “I imagine they would come back to film more.”