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‘Chicago Fire’
warms up to bucktown bar

————– April 01, 2013 ————–

“Chicago Fire” has been spending plenty of time filming in the Bucktown area the past few months — and the neighborhood has a nearly 80-year-old pub to thank for it.

The NBC drama needed a bar that would serve as a recurring setting throughout the rest of the first season and chose Lottie’s Pub, 1925 W. Cortland St. in Bucktown. In the “Chicago Fire” storyline, the bar, known as Molly’s on the show, caught on fire and was then sold to two firemen and a paramedic because the owner had grown tired of it.

“The show was looking for a corner tavern in the middle of a neighborhood,” said Lottie’s co-owner Mark Domitrovich, who claimed HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” once approached him about filming at the bar but nothing ever came of it. “That’s a dying breed. They said we were the No. 1 pick and that they didn’t have much of a backup.”