Redeye: Lotties’ Fiery Past

Turning up the heat

December 19, 2012|By Zara Husaini @zarhus | RedEye
By all accounts, Lotties in Bucktown has been through a lot. It boasts a colorful history, and by “colorful,” of course, we mean scandalous. Since 1934, Lotties has been home to gambling, stripping and the consumption of some pretty greasy bar food. But clearly all that drama wasn’t enough–Lotties will add “television set” to the list of things it has been. NBC’s “Chicago Fire” is using Lotties as a filming location Thursday and Friday. Whether or not it’s recognizable, the pub will appear as the backdrop for an upcoming episode’s emergency scene. At this point, there is no information about which episode it will be or when it will air. According to a post on Lotties’ Facebook page, the bar will be closed Thursday and Friday for filming. Bucktown residents shouldn’t panic if they see fire trucks or helicopters around the bar –Lottie’s is safe; the trucks and alarms are for the sake of the show. “They were looking for a classic-looking bar,” Lotties owner Mark Domitrovich said. “They came to talk to us.” Domitrovich said that after hearing the details, he had no reservations about agreeing to close down the bar for a few days, for which the bar will be compensated. “People appreciate the novelty,” Domitrovich said. Production teams have altered the setup of the bar for filming, and Domitrovich said it’s “funny to see.” The bar will play a significant role in the episode–it may even make recurring appearances in episodes to come. “It’s a bar that catches on fire in the show and the firemen try to buy the bar after that,” Domitrovich said. “I imagine they would come back to film more.”

NBC Chicago: Best Dive…Crawl?

Best Dive…Crawl?

Bar crawls, music festivals, anniversary bashes and more
By Marcus Riley Friday, Dec 28, 2012
5 —
Lottie’s Dive Bar Pub Crawl: You can throw a rock anywhere in Chicago and bump into a bottle service joint willing to empty your wallet, but where can you experience an epic evening on the cheap? Every February, Bucktown’s Lottie’s Pub loads up a school bus with “road pops,” around 50 eager participants, and starts an adventure involving three mystery dive bars in the city, capped off with a night of karaoke. Cheap drinks. Cheap food. People fight. People make up. Some hook up. Either way, you’ll have a story to tell on Monday.


DNAinfo: ‘Fire’ Back in Bucktown

Chicago Fire Films Again

January 16, 2013 6:40am | By Alisa Hauser, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
BUCKTOWN — For a neighborhood joint, Lottie’s Pub in Bucktown is getting lots of national attention lately. Earlier this week, the NBC drama “Chicago Fire” visited Lottie’s to film — the second time in two months. Unlike last month’s pop in to Lottie’s Pub at 1925 W. Cortland St., which brought a full cast and a simulated fire, Monday’s filming was much tamer — “a small scene with just a few actors inside,” a production assistant said.
When the series filmed for two days in mid-December at Lottie’s, the brush with TV fame boosted the bar’s virtual fan base. Drea Venegas, 25, a bartender and the administrator of Lottie’s Facebook page, said that the attention from the filming resulted in “about 100 more Facebook likes” and many more people following the pub on Twitter.
Venegas posted photos from Monday’s filming to Lottie’s Facebook page, in an album called “Chicago Fire Part 2.” pisode 14, which features both the mid-December and Monday’s filming at Lottie’s, will air “sometime in February,” according to Vanegas.
The filming is just the latest chapter in a long, rich history. Opened as Zagorski’s by Lottie Zagorski in 1934, its basement reportedly played host to scheming mobsters and public officials alike. “A simple knock on Lottie’s private basement door opens a word of escape and debauchery, lively parties, strip tease dancers, horse betting and all-night poker games to those deemed worthy,” according to a history of the pub posted on its web site.
Today, with its long, classic wooden bar and glass-front beer coolers, Lottie’s is considered a neighborhood landmark. Gary Mednick, a publicist for NBC Universal, said that “Chicago Fire” plans to shoot 22 episodes in the city and that shooting will wrap up in April. If the show gets picked up for a second season, which appears likely, shooting will start again in late summer, according to Rich Moskal, director of the Chicago Film Office, a Division of the Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Currently, “Chicago Fire” is the only episodic show being filmed in Chicago, according to Moskal. “Episodic shows” are good for the city because each episode brings about $2 million in spending and 200 jobs, ranging from carpenters to electricians and parts for local actors, Moskal said. While filming is a boon to the city, the experience can be a nuisance for local residents hoping to
park their cars. Last Thursday, bright green fliers distributed by show reps detailed parking restrictions for Monday’s filming. But, as of late Monday, there were still no official signs posted by the city. White, city-issued “No Parking” signs must be posted a minimum of 24 hours before filming. Mike Lacoco, traffic maintenance supervisor for the Bureau of Traffic Services, said that his office was not informed of the planned filming by the Chicago Film Office until Monday morning. Moskal admitted to the mistake, explaining that “Chicago Fire” had filed all of the correct permit requests one week in advance but that his team “failed to get the request into Streets and Sanitation.”

Refinery 29: Viewing Party

Viewing Parties for Chicago Fire

Refinery 29-EVENTS
Feb 6, 2013 11:30 AM CST
By Rebecca Taras
Between the Union Station stairs in the Untouchables to Twin Anchors restaurant in the 1999 film Return to Me (hello, David Duchovny!), Chicago certainly has had its fair share of star power, movie-wise. But lately, it’s the television shows that are taking the spotlight — including the red-hot NBC seriesChicago Fire.
Of course, when watching anything with local color, it’s fun to pick out familiar stomping grounds. If you happen to be a fan of Lottie’s Pub, you’ll love tonight’s CF episode because the Bucktown watering hole is going to be featured in flames — and a different name. Starting at 6 p.m., Lottie’s will air the show on all of its 19 television screens upstairs and four flat screens and two projectors downstairs. And to celebrate its stardom, there will be $4 Fireball shots, $4 chicken sandwiches, and $2.50 Old Style cans. A little more exciting than your couch on a Wednesday night,no?

NBC 5 Chicago: Fire Loves Lotties

Lottie’s Pub to appear in up to nine episodes of NBC show

Thursday, Apr 4, 2013
Marcus Riley
Lottie’s owner hopes the prime time exposure leads to more customers through the door. Bucktown bar is enjoying its time in the limelight after it’s become a major backdrop in a prime time show. Lottie’s Pub has been featured prominently in the current season of NBC’s Chicago Fire. In the show, a couple of the firefighters decided to buy the bar — named Molly’s — after it caught on fire. “It’s been fun for the visibility and the novelty factor and it’s fun to see it on TV,” Lottie’s owner Mark Domitrovich said. “If it went on for years it would probably be an issue, but for now we’re enjoying it.” The bar will be featured in up to nine episodes this season. The shoots occur on the slowest days, typically Monday through Wednesday, and Domitrovich hopes it eventually leads to increased business. “We just had a family in from Kansas this week because they wanted to see bar,” Domitrovich says. The bar is also attracting a crowd for special weekly viewing parties when the show airs
(Wednesdays at 9 p.m.). Lottie’s has a colorful history dating back to the 1930s when its private basement was a reputed mob hangout helmed by the owner, Lottie Zagorski.

Nightclub & Bar: Summer Inspired Events

Summer Fun

Simple Summer-Inspired Events From Local Pubs
July 9, 2013By: Alissa Ponchione

“…Maida says that hosting beer events through the summer and year—with inventory influenced by the seasons—is also a savvy way to keep guests interested…At Lottie’s Pub in Chicago, owner Mark Domitrovich has a similar philosophy to get people in his bar seats during the summer months. “With all of the baseball games, concerts, barbecues and outdoor festivals, competition is fierce in the summertime,” he says. By focusing on a popular event, Domitrovich is able to drive traffic and revenue. For example, the bar will be celebrating its annual Bucktown Garden
Walk on July 13 and 14 with a pizza party and $4 lemonade-vodka drinks.
“On any given night, there are several great options, and you want to make sure you are one of them. We host promotions to give customers an extra reason to come in as well as stay on the forefront of their minds,” he adds.”

CBS: Lotties in Lights

Lottie’s on CBS’ Top Bars with Xmas Lights Year Round’!

——————November 11, 2014 ——————

Best Bars With Christmas Lights Year- Round
November 28, 2012 2:00 PM
By Lauren Wulf

Christmas may only come once a year, but the bars featured below like to stay in the spirit all year long. With twinkling Christmas lights hung every day there’s a cozy boost in store for you whenever you’re in the mood for a little holiday magic.
Lottie’s Pub
1925 W. Cortland
Chicago, IL

With Christmas lights year-round, flip cup tables and a warm, rustic feel, you’ll feel right in the spirit of things at Lottie’s Pub. Located on the corner of Cortland and Winchester, Lottie’s Pub offers a wide selection of beer and liquor as well as a menu stacked with bar favorites including sandwiches, salads